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Hawk 3C Wireless System

The Hawk System is built with wireless technologies and advanced QC tools that monitor the progress of data acquisition and provide crews with greater confidence in their data quality. Crews operating the Connex Field Harvest Tool or Connex FieldTool can gain visibility into the spread via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth telemetry without retrieving stations from the field. The Connex FieldTool is designed with short-range Bluetooth technology for communications with the field stations and allows field personnel to easily access the deployed Hawk stations. The longer-range, Wi-Fi enabled Field Harvest Tool can collect valuable QC and geophysical data by foot, by vehicle or by helicopter for even greater operational flexibility. Using these QC tools, crews can check the hardware status of the field stations, including its memory usage, battery voltage, GPS performance and sensor operations.


Faster Data Download
Hawk Brochure

1.324 GB of data per shot. 336 FSUs. 8 GB raw data per FSU. Downloaded and imported in 30 minutes. That’s fast.

The Hawk system’s unique shot-based data retrieval capabilities reduce download times and data volume so there’s faster turnaround time for equipment and a reduction in the number of stations needed to complete the job. Crews can plan daily operations to be more productive so that projects are completed on time and within budget. INOVA does it with state-of-the-art 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology, optimized transcriber download algorithms and scalable custom racks that can support up to 624 field stations.

Reduced Equipment Limitations

The Hawk autonomous nodal system is not constrained by cables and can accommodate complicated survey designs in challenging terrains. Traditional cable-based platforms rely heavily on survey designs that specify layout intervals corresponding to a basic set of standard cable lengths, whereas the Hawk system can economically scale and adapt to a variety of sensor spacing intervals.

Optimized Field Productivity

With integrated tools for stakeless surveying, Hawk offers efficiencies when laying out and designing high-density, 3D programs or simple 2D lines. Utilizing simplified infield navigation and positioning applications coupled with rugged handheld devices, crew personnel can easily deploy, troubleshoot and retrieve ground equipment and sensors using the Connex FieldTool with up to RTK accuracy. Drilling and vib crews can freely navigate to source locations using Connex Vib. Both, Connex FieldTool and Connex Vib, return valuable location information of actual sensor and SP/VP placement, which offers improved visibility and QC to source production operations.





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