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Land - Lease Equipment List

Download Land Lease Equipment List
Recording Systems INOVA Hawk
  Wireless Seismic RT System 2
  FairfieldNodal ZLand Nodes - GS One
  AutoSeis High Definition Recorder (HDR)
  Geospace GSR/GSX Autonomous Data Recorder (One & Three Channel Box)
  Sercel 428
  Sercel 408
  ION Sys Four Scorpion VC (3C Vectorseis Cable)
  ION Sys Four RSR Radio
  ION Sys Four VRSR (3C Vectorseis Radio)
  ION Sys Image Two
Sensors Geospace GS One
  Geospace GS One 3C
  Geospace 32CT 6x1 Land Phones
  Geospace 32CT 6x1 Marsh Phones
  ION Sensor SM-7
  Sensor SM24 Land Phones
  Sensor SM24 Marsh Phones
  ION Vectorseis SVSM Digital 3C Sensors
  Sercel SG 10 Marsh Phones
  Sensors Preseis 2520 Hydrophones
Source Equipment Sercel VE 432 Encoder/Decoders
  Sercel VE 464 Encoder/Decoders
  Pelton VibPro Encoder/Decoders
  Pelton ShotPro II Encoder/Decoders
  Seismic Source Universal Encoder II
  Seismic Source Boom Boxes
  Advance II Encoders/Decoders Vers. 5 and 6
  Sercel Blasters
Misc Equipment SMT-300/400 Geophone Testers
  SHARP Hydrophone Testers
  Infinity Geophone Testers
  SES Custom Battery Packs and Chargers
  SES DataTaxi (New solid-state RSR data collector)
  ION Scorpion Data Bridge (WI-FI Link)
  Complete Shooting Packs (SES Custom)
  F.O. Cable Testing & Repair
  Sercel Ethernet Bridges
  Sercel Laser Links


Marine and Transition Zone (TZ) - Lease Equipment List

Download Marine/TZ Lease Equipment List
Positioning INOVA DigiBIRD 5011E
  INOVA Digicourse PCS
  Sonardyne Scout USBL System
  Sonardyne 7815
Source Equipment INOVA Sleeve Guns
  Sercel GI Guns
  Sleeve Gun Hangers
  Sleeve Gun Cluster Fittings
  Real Time Systems (RTS) LongShot Controller
  Real Time Systems (RTS) HotShot Controller
Ground Electronics Aram Aries Marine Enclosures
  Aram Compatible Marine Cables 75m LCK-2M
Sensors Sensor SH4 Hydrophones
  INOVA Preseis 2520 Hydrophones



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